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Flight simulator 747

For centuries humans have dreamed of soaring with the birds.  From Icarus and his wings of feathers famously bound with wax to the modern day average Joe who thinks nothing of stepping into a jet liner.  Even with budget airlines these days flying isn't always cheap and of course you don't get to pilot the plane!

For a modern world there's a thoroughly modern solution for those that would love to be a pilot but can't for whatever reason, be it health reasons, time constraints, financial reasons or whatever.  A flight simulator on the computer.  Some enjoy them as games and others enjoy them as serious simulators.  Whatever your level of interest there are certain things every one will be looking for;

Flight simulator flight deck

  • Attention to detail.  Whether a casual gamer or a serious sim user you'll want as an immersive a world as possible.
  • Realistic scenery.  As part of the full gaming experience you'll want the scenery to be as realistic as possible for that immersive feeling we mentioned above.  Those based on millitary terrain detail are the best.
  • Realistic planes.  To get the full challenge for gamers realistic planes are a bonus, for serious simmers they're essential.  The plane you're flying must behave in the same way that the real thing would or it's not really a simulator, it's a fantasy world with made up planes.
  • Real airports.  More for the connoisseur user real airports are important to make the whole experience as life like as possible.  It can also be an opportunity to fly into airports that no longer exist, for example the famously difficult old Hong Kong airport.  Although for the more serious user, the casual gamer will also enjoy bringing a plane down at their local airport.

Flight simulator Blackbird refuelling mid-air

With all the sights and sounds (sorry, no smells) as realistic as possible the user can really plunge themselves into the game and get full enjoyment out of it.  Commercially available flight simulators are so good these days that they could conceivably be used by people who are planning on taking private pilot training to get an idea of what's what and learn what the flight deck of their training aircraft looks like, where all the dials and switches are and so on.

When searching for a great flight sim Pro Flight Simulator stood out for the author above the others available.  It seems to tick all the boxes and more!  Well worth checking out.